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Department S - The return of the post-punk legends who brought you the classics - Is Vic There?, Going Left-Right and I Want!

2011 sees Department S busier than ever, gigs being arranged, a single coming out followed by an LP, department s, band, is vic there, eighties, glen matlock, marco pirroni, post punk legends, wonderful day, itunes, eddie roxy, stuart mizon, mike herbage, sam burnett, mark taylor, vaughn toulouse, sartorial, terry edwards, madness, adam ant, blog, paul langworth, dept-s, john peel, 100 club, micko westmoreland, higsons, gallon drunk, mark bedford, spandau ballet, mod, live, guns for hire, sub-stance, cult, department-s
Half way through the 2011 and things are moving forward at a pace….IS VIC THERE? Is sitting at 24 in the i-tunes charts!!!! Festival season is upon us and we have played Guilfest, Wickerman, with Hertal in Belgium to come and are having ongoing conversations for a few more in both UK and Europe. We have been getting great reaction from the crowds and some cracking reviews. The new album is finished and will be out soon… will have seen the cover on the website hopefully, as always outstanding photography and graphics from Paul Langworth. “Mr Nutley’s Strange Delisionarium” will be available as a down load on all the usual places but a Deluxe Edition will be exclusively through our merchandise partner, specialist record stores (coz we need to all support these guys) and at our gigs.
As you will know we have busy gigging largely around London and are just about to announce a string of dates for Autumn where we will be going up and down the country with the fabulous Priscillas who it’s safe to say are one of the best live bands on the circuit so it will be quite a tour…. check them out at their website. We are pleased to say that this tour will be sponsored by Vive Le Rock magazine, it’s quite an honour for us as it’s one of the best indy rock mags around.
Recording is underway for the third Department S LP “The Constructivist’s Nightmare” so far about half the tracks are recorded….like buses you can wait years for a Department S LP then two come along together.

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